Screening Services

Working 24/7 to safeguard your business​

Reed Screening offers you peace of mind. Our trusted services can protect your business from reputational and financial risk and provide a positive experience for customers and their candidates.

We believe that the employee screening process should be simple, fast, high-quality, and effective for everyone involved. Our clients have consistently saved money and reduced onboarding times by 50% using our services.

Outsourcing your employee vetting to us will provide you with round-the-clock support from over 150 experienced screening professionals.  

Established in 2011, we are the fastest growing screening business in the UK – and the only one with true 24/7 services.

We’re part of the Reed Group, which has 60 years of experience in recruitment, so we know all about the importance of candidate experience during the employee screening process. ​​​

Ensuring a business is well protected from risk is critical to any employee screening programme. We provide positive candidate experiences while reducing your time to hire. And, we work through the night so you don’t have to.
Keith Rosser - Director

Over the last 12 months, our team has screened over 120,000 candidates, processed over 250,000 checks and obtained over 350,000 references.

As thought leaders across the screening and vetting industry, we aim to change screening for the better and provide a safer world at work.

We’re the only screening company to be a member of:

  • ECHO (Employers Cooperating with the Home Office – developing right to work legislation in the UK
  • The Cifas advisory board, the UK’s independent fraud prevention service
  • The non-executive board of Disclosure Scotland, and the European Council of the industry’s main trade body PBSA.

We are also the first to chair the Criminal Records Trade Body with DBS advising on criminal record checking in the UK.

Discover how Reed Screening can protect your company and reduce your time to hire, by visiting our dedicated website.