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We’re working hard to support UK employers through the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of this, our pre-employment screening business, Reed Screening have collaborated with the Home Office, DBS, and politicians to develop our new 24/7 Fast-Track Recruitment Service and Fast-Track Screening Service. This service is available for both temporary and permanent recruitment and provides you with the employees you need in under half the time it usually takes.  

There’s no extra charge to you, but Fast-Track Recruitment is enabling agile, remote recruitment without comprising quality. 

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The UK is facing an unprecedented challenge. Alleviating the pressures on core infrastructure, supporting businesses of all sizes, and preserving jobs is critical. To that end I am delighted to launch Fast-Track – developed through our strong partnerships with UK GOV and arm’s length bodies – which enables businesses to be agile, work remotely, and still recruit, onboard, and screen employees in this new environment quickly and without impacting quality.
- Keith Rosser, director group risk & Reed Screening

How does it work? 

We have made valuable time savings by working with the government to agree on ways of streamlining our usual recruitment processes. These changes include using the latest techniques in remote interviewing, digital screening and a 24/7 operation to reduce friction and get you the staff you need sooner, when you need them most. Visit for the lastest information on changes to the recruitment and vetting process during COVID-19.

How quickly can you help me? 

With our Fast-Track Recruitment Service you can expect your time to hire to be reduced by 50% or more. In many instances this will reduce the time taken to fill a vacancy from days, to hours. Recent examples of placements made using our Fast-Track Recruitment Service include:

  • Support worker in Edinburgh placed in 2 hours
  • Support worker in Manchester placed in 24 hours

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